Add cardio to your workout on the Pilates Power Gym

Add cardio to your workout on the Pilates Power Gym

The Pilates Power Gym is not just about Pilates! This piece of exercise equipment can also be used for cardio workouts.

Fitness trainer Steve Maresca, who teaches three of our challenging cardio classes, strategically uses the Pilates Power Gym as an integral part of many aerobic-style exercises. He uses the glideboard on this mini Pilates reformer in ways you may have never dreamed of.


1) Foot work in our Kick butt class

In the following exercise, Maresca uses the glideboard as an elevated platform to do strength-building footwork.

2) Jumping with our Power Flex Cardio Rebounder

Alternating between high energy cardio and low impact Pilates, you’ll get an all-around workout centering around your multi-functional Pilates mini-reformer machine.

Celebrity Pilates trainer, Kristin McGee, takes you through a series of low-impact cardio moves in our Cardio Blast class utilizing our Power Flex Cardio Rebounder. Imagine lying down and still being able to run and jump!

The rebounder serves as a mini trampoline of sorts located on one end of your Pilates reformer. The rebounder attaches to the footbar enabling you to bounce on and off the canvas with your feet. The glideboard allows you to relax and lay comfortably while your legs and feet do all the work. This movement gives you a good cardio workout.

The rebounder provides a cushiony platform for your feet, knees and legs to rebound from. As a result, you will not wear out your joints or cause strain. The rebounder accessory provides a unique low-impact version of running or jumping when compared to doing these activities on a hard surface.


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Jump around… Jump up and up while lying down!

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3) Do push-ups with our Push-Up Bar

One key accessory that Maresca uses to help turn your Pilates Power Gym into a cardio machine is the Push-Up Bar. When you attach the Push-Up Bar to the footrest, you have created an additional piece of workout equipment.

As shown in the Kick Butt class, you can use the bar to do intense push-ups as well as dynamic footwork like the “mountain climber” exercise (see below).


Note: The Push-Up Bar is compatible with the Pilates Power Gym PRO only. Click here to order:

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