Pilates Power Gym PRO Workout DVDs

Marlo Fisken’s Total Body Workout & Advanced Power Workout

$19.95 includes s&h
Alaska, Hawaii and outside the US $24.95 includes s&h

Marlo Fisken, one of New York’s most exciting trainers, brings you two new Pilates Power Gym workouts–Total Body Workout & Advanced Power Workout–both on one convenient DVD. (already included with your Pilates Power Gym PLUS purchase)  Total running time for both workouts: 73 minutes.

With the Total Body Workout, Marlo leads you through her dynamic routine on the Pilates Power Gym. Marlo teachs you Pilates-based moves like Hug a Tree, Serving Bread, and Hundreds that tone your arms, shoulders, and abdomen. She also unleashes the Power moves like Bicep Curl, Leg Press and Prancer that build muscle and fine your arms and legs. Workout time: 42 minutes.

With the Advanced Power Workout, Marlo powers your muscles with a routine that leaves no doubt in your mind why the word is included in the name. Marlo introduces new moves like Squats, Tricep Press, and new bridging exercises that can be added into your Pilates Power Gym workout. She also shows variations of exercises that increase the resistance of the cords and or raise your glideboard to allow you to continue to develop your exercise routines.  Workout time: 31 minutes.

Kristin McGee 3-in-1 Total Body Shaping DVD

$19.95 includes s&h
Alaska, Hawaii and outside the US $24.95 includes s&h

Reknowned Pilates instructor Kristin McGee takes you through 3 different workouts in this DVD.  Total running time for all 3 workouts – 130 minutes.

Upper Body Shaping workout

  • Tones your upper body while working your core
  • Designed to sculpt your upper body
  • Aproximate Workout time: 43 minutes

Lower Body Shaping workout

  • Series includes using the foot bar and leg straps for muscle toning and flexibility
  • Focuses on butt, thighs and calves
  • Designed to tone your lower body
  • Approximate Workout time: 43 minutes
Ab Shaping workout

  • Exercises showcase how to improve your range of motion
  • Shows you how to integrate mind and body training
  • Helps to strengthen and tone your upper, lower and side oblique muscles
  • Designed to tone your mid-section
  • Approximate Workout time: 44 minutes

Pilates Power Workout & Strength Training DVD

$19.95 includes s&h

Alaska, Hawaii and outside the US $24.95 includes s&h

Get both workouts on one DVD, One routine for Pilates (42 minutes) and one routine for Strength Training (33 minutes)!
Certified trainers talk you through these fun workout routines. It’s like having a private trainer work right alongside you.

Pilates is the hottest exercise in Hollywood! And now you can learn how to do Pilates just like the pros and in the privace of your home with the “Pilates Power” workout DVD. This workout features specifically developed series of Pilates moves designed for maximum fat loss, core strengthening, flexibility and long lean muscles.

Through the DVD’s and manual, you’ll choose from simple step by step routines that will teach you the most effective Pilates moves. Don’t sweat it if you’re a beginner, it’s hard to do the exercises incorrectly, just follow along and have fun. Before you know it, you’ll be getting in shape.  Learn…

Second Plie Position

Narrow Squat

Heel Drop


First Position Plie

Arm Circles

The Hundreds

Arm Pullover

Triceps Overhead Press

Front Press

Torso Rotation


Side Leg Press

Press Away


Seated Low Row

Bicep Curls

Press Downs

Seated High Row

Leg Circles


Leg Press


Serving Bread

Hug A Tree

Triceps Press





The “Strength Training” workout is designed to turn fat into rock solid muscle! Featuring ‘super sets’ and several isolated body-building routines, you can target both your upper body and lower body to get you fast body transforming results. Here are some of the exercises you’ll learn…

• Cable crossover
• Triceps press
• Arm Curl
• Low Cable Row
• Pec Deck
• Bent Over Row
• Rear Delt Machine
• Preacher Curl
• Hack Squat
• Standing Calf
• Hip Adductor
• Hip Abductor
• Hip Extension
• Seated Calf
• Chest Press
• One Legged Squat
• Twisting Squat
• Gluteus kickbacks
• Lunges
• Seated Row
• Seated Upright Row
• Butterfly
• Arm Pullover
• Pulley Ab Crunch
• Lying High Pull
• Triceps Curl
• Seated Curls

Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico customers must add $5.95 for shipping and handling of DVD’s.