Exercises for Sexy Arms on the Pilates Power Gym

Exercises for Sexy Arms on the Pilates Power Gym

This article is part of our new series: The 2018 Pilates Power Gym Challenge. We challenge you to master a variety of exercises on the Pilates Power Gym during 2018. Each month we will put the spotlight on essential Pilates Power Gym exercises targeted at a specific area of the body.

This month we highlight exercises for your arms.

“Pilates is a great way to achieve toned arms and shoulders because it helps create long lean sleek muscles,” explains Pilates instructor, Keri O’Meara. “It focuses on using specific fibers of the muscles and working them in a shortened and lengthen position.”


Also, using a reformer offers more resistance compared to doing Mat Pilates, due to the design of the pulley and spring system.


The following exercises on the Pilates Power Gym mini-reformer can help to strengthen and tone your arms for a long, lean look.


Arm Circles

Pilates exercise Arm circles

Here are the instructions for Arm Circles:

1. Lie on the slide board and rest the balls of your feet on the footrest. Grip the handles, stretch your arms upwards with the palms facing towards the footrest.

2. Form large circles with your arms by moving them downwards to your sides, away from your body, over your head and back to the starting position with the palms facing towards the footrest.

3. Keep your back flat on the slide board. Make 5 circles in one direction, then in the other direction.


Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty arm exercise

Here are the instructions for the Statue of Liberty exercise:

Use any 2 power cords to begin with to see which tension you like best. It should be on the lighter side as a beginner. Sit centered and sideways on the glideboard in a cross-legged position.

Grasp the front handle with the hand farthest from the handle, palm facing your chest. Pull the handle all the way up and through the chest until the arm comes to a resting position that is 45 degrees from the head and neck. Slowly lower the arm to the side of the body and repeat.


Bicep Curls

bicep curls on Pilates reformer

Here are instructions on how to do Bicep Curls:

Concentrate on training the biceps, lower arms and shoulders.

1. Sit on the slide board with your face towards the handles and rest your feet on the slide board. Grip the handles with your palms facing upwards. Stretch out your arms in front of you.

2. Keep your elbows close to your sides, breathe in and move the palms of your hands towards your shoulders. Keep your back straight all the time.

3. Breathe out as you pull in your arms. Breathe in as you slowly return your arms to the starting position again.

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