Exercise Description

Use any 2 power cords to begin with to see which tension you like best. It should be on the lighter side as a beginner.

Lie on your back with your head on the Headrest. Bend your knees and align them over your hips with your calves parallel to the Glideboard, legs together and toes pointing up. Grasp one handle in each hand with your palms facing forward and the forearms vertical to the Glideboard. Exhale and simultaneously press your arms down toward your sides while raising the head and shoulders off the Glideboard in a “crunch” motion and straighten your legs to a 45-degree position. Inhale and open your legs to a “V” position. Exhale and cross your arms in the center between your thighs, keeping your head and shoulders lifted.

Inhale, return your arms to your sides and bring your legs together. Lower your head onto the Headrest and bend your knees.

Exercise Details

Pilates Reformer Exercises