The Pigeon Stretch

Exercise Description

Start by sitting sideways on the Glideboard, with your left leg closest to the shoulder rests and your right leg closest to the footbar. Now turn to face the footbar, grab it with both hands and rotate your body so that the chest and the shoulders are square with the footbar. Lift your right knee and place it flat on the Glideboard with a 45 degree bend, stretch your left leg out as far as you can behind you. Make sure that you are sitting in the center of the Glideboard with the right knee at the top of the Glideboard. If you’re flexible and can lift your left leg up on to the glideboard behind you, then try to get it straight back and through the shoulder rests with the top of your thigh on the Glideboard if that is difficult then just let the left leg drag on the floor next to the Glideboard. Press against the footbar and let your chest drop down toward your thigh.

You are putting pressure in the right hip. Take a nice slow breath and hold for about 30 seconds, release, come up and repeat several times. Switch sides.

Exercise Details

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