Ab-tastic exercises to build core strength and flat abs on the Pilates reformer

Ab-tastic exercises to build core strength and flat abs on the Pilates reformer

Want to get your abs in shape for your summer by the pool? The Pilates method of small controlled movements coupled with resistance on a reformer is the perfect way to achieve flat abs.

“Pilates is a good way to strengthen all the different sections of your abdominals, which is an important part of getting a flat stomach,” says fitness expert Ben Greenfield.

Not only will Pilates help you look great, but feel great too! Your stomach muscles play a significant role in the stability and health of your entire body.

“Because of its focus on core strength, Pilates is by far one of the most useful methods in fitness. Our core is our foundation and we all need to learn how to lead from our center and support ourselves from our powerhouse. Then we can do anything in life and other fitness modalities.” says Celebrity Pilates and yoga trainer, Kristin McGee.

Here are some great Pilates exercises on the Pilates Power Gym to tone and sculpt your mid-section and build your core strength:

(click on each photo for detailed instructions)
1) Twist
Target your oblique ab muscles with the Twist – so simple, yet effective!

Pilates reformer exercise: Twist


2) Knee Stretch
Build your core strength by sliding back and forth on the glideboard with the Knee Stretch

Pilates reformer exercise: Knee stretch

3) Pigeon Stretch
Let your core guide you back and forth with The Pigeon Stretch

Pilates reformer exercise: Pigeon Stretch
4) Mermaid
A popular Pilates exercise, the Mermaid stretches and lengthens the side of your waist

Pilates reformer exercise: Mermaid

As always, consult with your doctor before practicing any exercise program.

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