Get Bikini Ready with these targeted Pilates reformer exercises for your abs, arms and butt

Get Bikini Ready with these targeted Pilates reformer exercises for your abs, arms and butt

Why is Pilates the ideal exercise regimen for those who want beach-ready bodies? Because the famous method of contrology targets specific muscle groups. As a result, you work out smarter and in a shorter period of time. And using a Pilates reformer like the Pilates Power Gym takes your workout even further.


“The reformer adds extra resistance and can help strengthen and lengthen the muscles even further,” explains Celebrity Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee. “It also helps as a tactile aid so people know truly where they need to be working from. The reformer also offers more and different exercises so it adds variety and keeps our muscles guessing.”


To get your abs bikini-ready, our “Toned Abs” Pilates class focuses on all the muscles in your mid-section giving you sexy definition while building a strong core.


Tighten up your abs doing these leg kicks with instruction by Kristin McGee:

In our “Great Arms” class, Kristin leads you through a series of Pilates exercises to help give your arms the beautiful definition you want.


Get your arms in great shape with the “Hug A Tree” and “Serving the Bread” exercises:



Want a lifted, firmer butt? Our “Firm Butt and Legs” Pilates workout focuses on your legs, hips, and backside to help firm it all up.


For example, squats can be done using the multiple height elevations available on the Pilates Power Gym Pro or Plus models. You’ll be tightening up those leg, butt and thigh muscles which will cause heads to turn on the beach.

These three classes are all available on the same DVD, The Pilates Power Gym Total Body Workout, or also online via The Fitness Channel.
Get working on those Great Arms, Toned Abs, and Firm Butt and Legs today with the help of the Pilates Power Gym and you’ll quickly start to see results! – T.Y.

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