Get sexy arms and shoulders with these targeted exercises on the Pilates reformer

Get sexy arms and shoulders with these targeted exercises on the Pilates reformer

No matter what time of year, we always want our arms to look good. If you’ve worked so hard to have a tight belly and butt, you don’t want to forget about getting your arms in shape. Targeted Pilates reformer exercises offers a quick and easy solution to get your arms toned and sculpted. These moves also work the back muscles helping to create better posture.


“Pilates is a great way to achieve toned arms and shoulders because it helps create long lean sleek muscles,” explains Pilates guru Keri O’Meara. “It also helps to lubricate the shoulder joint and assists with relieving neck and shoulder tension.”


The Pilates method of small controlled movements coupled with resistance on a reformer is perfect for targeting your arms and shoulders. In addition, using a reformer has its advantages over just doing Pilates on a mat.

“The reformer adds extra resistance and can help strengthen and lengthen the muscles even further,” says Kristin McGee, Celebrity Pilates and Yoga trainer. “It also helps as a tactile aid so people know truly where they need to be working from. The reformer also offers more and different exercises so it adds variety and keeps our muscles guessing.”


Here are some great Pilates exercises you can do on the Pilates Power Gym to tone and sculpt your arms and shoulders:

(click on each photo for detailed instructions)

1) Zorro

Work your rotator cuffs as if you were drawing a sword in this Pilates exercise

Pilates Exercise Zorro


2) Arm Circles

While in a relaxed position lying on the glideboard, get full range of motion in your shoulder girdle with arm circles.

Pilates exercise Arm circles

3) Statue of Liberty
With the Statue of Liberty exercise, feel how your arms are connected to your core in this full circular motion


4) Hug a Tree

This squeeze and release motion is a great Pilates exercise for your pectoral region and the dreaded “bra bulge”

targeted pilates reformer exercises

As always, consult with your doctor before practicing any exercise program.

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