New Wonderbox and Prenatal Pilates classes added to The Fitness Channel

New Wonderbox and Prenatal Pilates classes added to The Fitness Channel

Adding to the multiple online classes for the Pilates Power Gym, the Fitness Channel now has 4 new classes for you! Newly added are three prenatal Pilates classes with Kristin McGee, and one class using our latest accessory called the Wonderbox.


Whether you have back issues, an injury or simply find it hard to get lower to the glide board, the Wonderbox offers a convenient solution. Our ingenious, easy-to-use accessory lets you comfortably sit higher on the machine, so you don’t have to bend down.


The 26-minute class for The Wonderbox elevates your workout on The Pilates Power Gym. Instructor Gaylynn Leonard shows you various leg, arm and core Pilates exercises to strengthen and tone muscle using our mini-reformer.
Pilates Power Gym Wonderbox

The Wonderbox (9 1/2” H x 15” W x 24” L) unites form and function in an ottoman-like accessory to customize your reformer and put you in the driver’s seat. The Wonderbox also gives you the added benefit of valuable storage to stow away all your straps and DVDs. With sturdy hinges and extra utility, the Wonderbox solves your storage dilemma.

Rise to the challenge and get your Pilates Power Gym Wonderbox today:

Go to to access the Wonderbox class.

As shown in our new Prenatal Pilates classes, here’s proof that you can definitely do Pilates while pregnant. Celebrity Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee, who recently gave birth to twins, leads new Prenatal Pilates classes on the Pilates Power Gym that were filmed during her pregnancy. The three Prenatal Pilates classes now available on The Fitness Channel are: Prenatal Full Body, Prenatal Arms and Prenatal Legs.

Kristin explains that there are definite advantages to doing Pilates on a reformer compared to a mat when you are pregnant: “You can do more leg and arm work and more seated work (if lying down bothers you during pregnancy) and you have the assistance of the machine to help you in certain positions.”

Prenatal Pilates classes

The advantage the Pilates Power Gym has over other Pilates reformer machines is the different height elevations. Elevation is “especially important when pregnant, keep the head above the heart,” Kristin McGee explains, “…and that’s what’s so wonderful about the Pilates Power Gym is you can actually elevate it.”


These three classes will also be effective for the post-natal period as well. Read more about doing PIlates while pregnant in the article: Should You Do Pilates During Pregnancy?


Go to to access our Prenatal Pilates classes.

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