Pump up your cardio workout with these online Pilates Power Gym exercise classes

Pump up your cardio workout with these online Pilates Power Gym exercise classes

If you’re worried you won’t be getting an aerobic workout with the Pilates Power Gym, think again! We’ve got you covered with three of our “high level” cardio classes with motivational trainer, Steve Maresca.

Maresca strategically uses the Pilates Power Gym machine as an integral part of the many aerobic-style exercises he incorporates into these three classes: Kick Butt, In The Gym and Sweat It Out. Alternating between high energy cardio and low impact Pilates, you’ll get an all-around workout centering around your multi-functional Pilates mini-reformer machine.

One key accessory that Maresca uses to help turn your Pilates Power Gym into a cardio machine is the Push-Up Bar. When you attach the Push-Up Bar to the footrest, you have created an additional piece of workout equipment. As shown in the Kick Butt class, you can use the bar to do intense push-ups as well as dynamic footwork like the “mountain climber” exercise (see below).


Note: The Push-Up Bar is compatible with the Pilates Power Gym PRO only. Click here to order: https://pilatespowergympro.com/shop/accessories/

The Kick Butt class is a 40-minute cardio workout which offers hands-on training demonstrations by Maresca. In this class (available on DVD and online), Maresca utilizes the glideboard on the Pilates Power Gym in ways you may have never dreamed of.

In the following exercise, Steve uses the glideboard as an elevated platform to do strength-building footwork.


Once you familiarize yourself with the variety of exercises Maresca presents in the Kick Butt class, it’s time to move on to the bootcamp-style group trainings of In The Gym and Sweat It Out. Both classes (available online only) offer over 45 minutes each of a dynamic cardio, strength-building workout coupled with low impact Pilates moves. Steve’s motivational style will leave you fired up and you’ll work every body part in the process.

With over 17 years of designing and implementing personal and group training exercise programs, Steven Maresca is an incredible resource and motivator for anyone seeking to change their life through fitness. With an intense love for what he does, Steven creates a dynamic, energy-filled experience in every one of his sessions.

“The ability to put out effort at the end of your training session is money,” Maresca tells his students at the end of the workout. “That’s when you’re in condition. Anybody can do anything when they’re fresh, but can you push yourself at the end of your training just as hard as you did in the beginning? That’s money, and it’s not saving that energy, it’s going after it.”

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