Quick Beginner’s Pilates workout on the Pilates Power Gym

Quick Beginner’s Pilates workout on the Pilates Power Gym

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to try Pilates, here’s a quick way to jump in and get your feet wet!

Pilates is one of the best ways to exercise for people who need to get back into the world of physical fitness. It’s low-impact, doesn’t require much sweating and is easy to learn.

“Pilates is a lifelong practice and one that keeps you centered, strong, flexible and healthy,” Celebrity Pilates trainer, Kristin McGee, says. “It’s something you can do in any stage of life and it complements all other activities. I would say everyone should get acquainted with it and use any of the movements they can on a daily basis to live in their bodies in a way that feels amazing!”

Pilates, which is an exercise methodology of targeted and controlled movements, provides toning and sculpting of muscles while building core strength. Pilates is known to have many benefits by improving flexibility, posture, stability and balance. It also can treat back pain and provide therapy for people with various diseases including breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

If you’re wondering what the advantage is to use a reformer versus just doing the exercises on the mat, Kristin McGee explains that the reformer offers you a big advantage: “All of those straps, ropes and pulleys combine to provide resistance, build strength and flexibility and help align your body while doing Pilates.”

Here’s a quick series of exercises that can all be done while lying on your back on the Pilates Power Gym. Talk about low impact! These exercises target your core and tone and sculpt your muscles for amazing results.

(click on each photo for detailed instructions)

1) The Hundreds
The most basic of Pilates moves, The Hundreds is a simple exercise that focuses on strengthening your core

Pilates exercise

2) The Bug

The Bug emphasizes concentration, one of the 6 principles of Pilates, while coordinating movements for the arms and legs simultaneously

Pilates exercise The Bug

3) Arm Circles

Sculpt your arm muscles quicker with the help of greater resistance by using the arm bands on the Pilates Power Gym

Pilates exercise Arm circles

4) Bridge

Strengthen your back and core at the same time with this simple, yet challenging exercise

Bridge exercise
As always, consult with your doctor before practicing any exercise program.

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