Running and jumping while lying down? Only on the Pilates Power Gym

Running and jumping while lying down? Only on the Pilates Power Gym

Spotlight on the Power Flex Cardio Rebounder accessory

While the practice of Pilates does not involve cardio exercises, there is still a way to get your heart pumping with the Pilates Power Gym mini-reformer.

Our Power Flex Cardio Rebounder gets the job done! Imagine lying down and still being able to run and jump. The rebounder serves as a mini trampoline of sorts located on one end of your Pilates reformer.

The rebounder attaches to the footbar enabling you to bounce on and off the canvas with your feet. The glideboard allows you to relax and lay comfortably while your legs and feet do all the work. This movement gives you a good cardio workout.

Watch a video of the Power Flex Cardio Rebounder in action:

The Power Flex Cardio Rebounder provides a dynamic, flexible surface that will help you link muscle motion and stabilization, increasing the number of muscles used with each exercise. And, it’ll add more fun to your workouts! When you order the rebounder, you will also get the Cardio Blast DVD class.

Cardio Blast DVD class

The rebounder makes burning calories fun! Start off slowly by doing some alternating footwork using the canvas to help flex the balls of your feet. Then, with alternating feet, start springing back and forth off the rebounder using the glideboard to help push you.

The rebounder provides a cushiony platform for your feet, knees and legs to rebound from. As a result, you will not wear out your joints or cause strain. The rebounder accessory provides a unique low-impact version of running or jumping when compared to doing these activities on a hard surface.

With the rebounder now serving as your “floor”, you can progress and do some marching which helps to tone your legs and your core. Then, you can rest the balls of your feet on the canvas and push in and out to work your calf muscles. Keep the feet together and rebound off the balls of the feet for more horizontal jumping.

Do your virtual jumping with only one leg to make your workout more intense. Work your inner and outer thighs doing some split jumps. Then, end your workout by running or jogging on the rebounder.


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