See why both men and women love the Pilates Power Gym from the inventor himself, Kevin Abelbeck

See why both men and women love the Pilates Power Gym from the inventor himself, Kevin Abelbeck

With over 200,000 units sold worldwide, it’s easy to see why the Pilates Power Gym is so beloved by fitness enthusiasts. Created by inventor Kevin Abelbeck, The Pilates Power Gym is a mini Pilates reformer machine that incorporates the best of both fitness worlds, combining the targeted aspects of Pilates with strength training that appeals to both men and women.

“I saw a limitation on the amount of tension that Pilates provides because it wouldn’t really also give a good strength-building workout,” explains Abelbeck. “Pilates equipment [reformer] is basically a platform that moves on a linear track. So what I had to do was to come up with a way to increase the tension other than just with the springs… I made an incline.”

As a result, both men and women can get an intense workout on this type of Pilates reformer with its multiple levels of height elevation. In addition, four different tension bands also increase the variation in strength-training and resistance available in your workout.

“The four bands are four different tensions, so you have the combination of these four which can be used for every exercise,” Abelbeck continues. “You have a great deal of variability in the amount of tension you can provide. The idea is that you can make it suitable for everybody.”

Watch Kevin Abelbeck demonstrate the versatility of the Pilates Power Gym

The latest versions of the Pilates Power Gym mini-reformer offer new ways to give your body the best workout ever. Building on the original model of the Pilates Power Gym, the Pro model offers 3 height variations, while the Plus model offers 15 different elevations. This versatility offers challenging workouts for beginners to the most advanced athletes.

In addition, both models now offer a cardio option with the Cardio Rebounder mini-trampoline. This accessory easily attaches to the foot-bar and provides a dynamic, flexible surface that will help you link muscle motion and stabilization, increasing the number of muscles used with each exercise. The unique bouncing ability gets your heart rate up while lying in a horizontal position.

Pilates is a form of exercise that has been growing in popularity for the last 70 years ever since Joseph Pilates wrote his book Return to Life through Contrology in 1945. Pilates is the practice of controlled movements which build strength and improve flexibility throughout the entire body. Celebrities and fitness gurus all over the world have become devoted to this unique form of exercise. They love Pilates because not only is it low-impact, but it is also extremely effective.

With repeated practice of Pilates, the muscles of men and women become toned and sculpted. “Muscles you don’t even realize you have you can work with Pilates because you can target and tone specific little muscle groups,” says Pilates and yoga instructor, Kristin McGee. “The beautiful thing about Pilates is it gives you that long, lean muscle tone because you’re working with that nice fluid movement and control.”

When entrepreneur and former actress Denise DuBarry-Hay met Pilates Power Gym inventor Kevin Abelbeck, she was so impressed with his compact fitness machine that she started promoting it through her own company, Kaswit Inc.

“I haven’t seen anything on the market like it of its size that can compare with the quality of the Pilates Power Gym,” DuBarry-Hay explains. “It’s a solid, well-engineered serious piece of fitness equipment.”

With its compact design and multiple workout options, “the Pilates Power Gym is perfect for home use,” Denise continues. “You can do so many exercises on it, working every part of your body. The tension cords allow you to work your muscles to exhaustion at your fitness level and it’s easy to add tension (like adding weights) as you become stronger.” – T.Y.

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