Pilates PRO/PLUS Power Flex Cardio Upgrade Kit


The Power Flex Cardio Rebounder provides a dynamic, flexible surface that will help you link muscle motion and stabilization, increasing the number of muscles used with each exercise. And, it’ll add more fun to your workouts! ALSO includes the CARDIO BLAST dvd!

Only $54.95 Includes S&H

Marlo Fisken’s 2-in-1 Workout DVD


Marlo, one of New York’s most exciting trainers, leads you through her dynamic routine on Pilates Power Gym®. Marlo teaches you Pilates based moves like Hug a Tree, Serving Bread, and Hundreds that tone your arms, shoulders, and abdomen.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Pilates for a Healthy Back Workout DVD

Healthy Back

In this DVD we are going to focus on strengthening your back through a series of gentle pilates moves. Your spine health is key to your overall health and well being. Maintaining a strong back will help prevent lower back pain.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Pilates for Tone & Lengthen

Tone & Lengthen

The Pilates Power Gym® Tone and Lengthen Workout. Stretch and build long lean muscles for increased flexibility and better range of motion.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Pilates Beginner’s Workout DVD

Beginner's Workout

Whether you’ve never done pilates before or you are a seasoned pro, you’ll enjoy Kristin’s simple to follow instruction while getting a great workout.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

Xtreme Power Resistance Cords

Extreme Power Resistance Cords

Want to strength train and build more muscle? The Extreme Power Cord set with 4 stronger cords is like adding a whole new set of weights to your PPG. These cords fit both the PRO and the PLUS models.

Only $54.95 Includes S&H

Kristin McGee's 3 in 1 Workout DVD


The Original Total Body Shaping Series featuring Kristin McGee Pilates Instructor. UPPER BODY SHAPING, LOWER BODY SHAPING, & AB SHAPING workouts.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Restorative Pilates Workout DVD

Restorative dvd for Pilates Power Gym, beginner pilates moves

If you are not in the mood for a strenuous workout and just want to gently move your body, then you’ll enjoy this DVD. It’s a relaxing Pilates class.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

Steve Maresca’s Kick Butt Workout DVD

Kick Butt Workout DVD, pilates power gym, challenging pilates workout

Steve Maresca will show you new ways to use the Pilates Power Gym® that are not typical pilates moves. He’s motivational style will take you through a dynamic cardio, strength building workout that will leave you fired up and ready to take on the world. Are you ready?

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

Steve Maresca’s Sweat It Out Workout DVD

Sweat it out dvd, pilates power gym, challenging cardio workout on pilates machine

Not just another day In the Gym. Steve’s dynamic energy will keep you motivated through this intense highly aerobic routine. You’ll work every body part and feel energized. Grab a towel and get ready to sweat!

Out Of Stock! Only available at The Fitness Channel.

NEW! Pilates Power Gym PRO® Push Up Bar

Pilates Power Gym push up bar, pushup machine, plie

PUSH UP BAR is compatible with the Pilates Power Gym Pro® ONLY. Fits the PPG Pro footrest bar – measuring 14.99 inches.

Only $38.90 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Total Body Pilates Workout DVD

Total Body Workout

Three of our favorite classes on one DVD for a Total Body Workout. Choose one body part to focus on or if you are feeling full of energy try all three workouts back to back. TONED ABS, GREAT ARMS & FIRM BUTT & LEG.

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

Pilates Power & Strength Training Workout DVD


The Power workout features specially developed series of Pilates moves designed for maximum fat loss, core strengthening, flexibility and long lean muscles. The “Strength Training” workout is designed to turn fat into rock solid muscle!

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

NEW! Kristin McGee’s Pilates Cardio Blast DVD (for use with Rebounder)

Cardio Blast dvd, pilates power gym cardio with rebounder

This DVD shows you how to use the cardio rebounder platform that makes burning calories even more fun!

Only $19.95 Includes S&H

Steve Maresca’s In the Gym Workout DVD

Pilates Power Gym challenging workout, cardio Pilates

You are virtually In the Gym with Steve Maresca as he leads a group through his bootcamp style workout. Steve combines muscle building with a good dose of cardio to give you a high energy workout.

Out Of Stock! Only available at The Fitness Channel.