Why Smart Men Do Pilates

Why Smart Men Do Pilates

If you think Pilates is only for women, think again! The toughest male sports athletes including football, basketball and tennis players do Pilates workouts faithfully to maintain a fit and strong body. However, the same principles that make Pilates effective for men also apply to women making it one of the most popular workouts around.

The Pilates advantage is that it offers an intense muscular workout focusing on controlled muscle movements. The fluidity of motion and precision of exercises that Pilates requires translates into a gentle low-impact workout which can be done sitting or lying down.

“Pilates improves sports performance. You’ll find the exercises condition the whole body—even the ankles and feet, which contribute to healthy, balanced muscles,” claims Madi Rice, writer for The Parks fitness website. “You’ll also increase in tendon, bone and ligament strength which is vital for all athletes.”

Many people don’t realize that in addition to being a great workout, Pilates is also an effective form of physical therapy. It has been shown to help people with various injuries and diseases rehabilitate their bodies. The low-impact and focused method of muscle strengthening with emphasis on the core can help people who are recovering from car accidents, cancer, athletic injuries and even those living with multiple sclerosis.

“What most guys are doing now, they’re using it as a preventative measure, so it’s almost like ‘prehab’ in a sense,” former NFL player Nate Burleson said. “Most guys, especially if you’ve been in the league for a while, your off day is a subtle work day. You’re doing some type of work to keep your body as loose and limber as possible.”

Tennis star Andy Murray recently credited Pilates for his comeback: “It’s helped my back a lot,” Murray said. “I feel physically much healthier with my back than I did at this time last year. It’s not just that – my tennis has been good as well – but it’s been a big, big factor for me.”

The reason that both men and women alike love Pilates is because it provides great results. “It’s not like weight training . . . it’s all about control and body position, which receivers like myself need the most,” Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown said.

Pilates was intended not only for mat work but also on equipment. Throughout his life, Joseph Pilates created many forms of apparatus to practice his “contrology” exercises. In addition to workouts on the mat, there are a multitude of exercises which can be done on various pieces of Pilates equipment including the ladder barrel, the Wunda chair, the Cadillac and the Reformer. These pieces of equipment offer a wide range of additional Pilates exercises not possible on the mat.

The Pilates Power Gym, a mini Pilates reformer machine created by Kevin Abelbeck, incorporates the best of both worlds, combining the targeted aspects of Pilates with strength training that appeals to both men and women.

“This Pilates equipment [reformer] is basically a platform that moves on a linear track,” explains Abelbeck. “So what I had to do was to come up with a way to increase the tension other than just with the springs… I made an incline.” As a result, men and women can get an intense workout on this type of Pilates reformer with its three levels of height elevation.

With repeated practice of Pilates, the muscles of men and women become toned and sculpted. “Muscles you don’t even realize you have you can work with Pilates because you can target and tone specific little muscle groups,” says Pilates and yoga instructor, Kristin McGee. “The beautiful thing about Pilates is it gives you that long, lean muscle tone because you’re working with that nice fluid movement and control.”


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Top 5 reasons Kim Kardashian and YOU should start using the Pilates Power Gym

Top 5 reasons Kim Kardashian and YOU should start using the Pilates Power Gym

Kim Kardashian recently received the Pilates Power Gym and kindly sent us a thank you note that said: “Thank you so much for the pilates machine!! It’s such a great workout – I can’t wait to use it. Love, Kim Kardashian West.”

However, we haven’t heard any feedback from her yet on how she likes using the machine. She hasn’t posted any selfies of her using it either!

So, we wanted to remind Kim and all of you why you should stop procrastinating and get on your new Pilates mini-reformer as soon as possible. While a great benefit of the machine is that it is compact and you can store it easily under your bed or in a closet, please don’t leave it there to collect dust!

It’s time to get proactive with your new Pilates Power Gym and here are the top five reasons why:

1) The Pilates Advantage

Pilates has so many benefits as a way to exercise. Not only can you achieve results in a short amount of time, but the exercises are designed to be gentle on the body. With repeated practice of Pilates, your muscles will become strengthened and sculpted.

“The beautiful thing about Pilates is it gives you that long, lean muscle tone because you’re working with that nice fluid movement and control,” says Celebrity Pilates and yoga instructor, Kristin McGee.  “Muscles you don’t even realize you have you can work with Pilates because you can target and tone specific little muscle groups,” McGee continues. “Pilates is like an inner girdle. It just scoops everything in.”

2) Amount of Exercises

The number of Pilates exercises greatly expands when using a Pilates machine like the reformer compared to the exercises possible without equipment. Practicing Pilates on a mat focuses mostly on your core, but on a reformer, you can work practically every part of your body.

The reformer also offers versatility enabling you to perform exercises in a plethora of different body positions including: on your back, side, stomach, seated forward or backward, and kneeling or standing on the glideboard. (Multiple opportunities for cool selfies, Kim!)

3) For Any Fitness Level

The Pilates Power Gym can accommodate any level of fitness user from first-time beginners to the most physically advanced workout buffs. Inventor Kevin Abelbeck designed the machine to allow users to advance at their own pace.

With the multiple resistance settings and different height elevations, you can easily adjust the intensity of your workouts. As a result, the Pilates Power Gym advances with you and your fitness progress.

4) A Stress Reducer

Joseph Pilates designed his method of exercise to not only give the body a full workout, but also the mind. Pilates called his original method of physical training “contrology” since he believed that deep mental awareness of body movements was essential to the technique. Exercise without mental concentration, he thought, was literally a waste of time.

With an emphasis on deliberate concentration, as opposed to doing your workout on automatic pilot, Pilates can play a role in reducing stress.

“Stress reduction is a profound benefit of a regular Pilates practice,” says Pilates instructor, Leah Stewart. “Pilates helps to ease the effects of stress through the implementation of its central principles: breathing techniques, body awareness, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, balance and harmony.”

5) Not Just Pilates

In addition to experiencing all the benefits of Pilates while using your mini-reformer, the Pilates Power Gym gives you the option to easily add strength training and cardio to your workout. It replaces over 17 gym weight machines with its inventive tension cords, glideboard, foot straps, cardio rebounder and multiple resistance settings.

The Fitness Channel offers a great variety of Pilates, cardio and strength training workouts on the Pilates Power Gym. Fitness trainer Steven Maresca offers high energy cardio classes using the machine while Pilates and yoga instructor, Kristin McGee leads several different Pilates classes including some that target specific areas of the body.

So, there you have it – to Kim Kardashian and everyone else out there, get going on your Pilates Power Gym and let us know how you like it!

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Why Celebrities Love Pilates

Why Celebrities Love Pilates

Celebrities Love Pilates

When Kim Kardashian posted a message on Twitter recently asking her followers for advice on the best Pilates machine to use, it got us thinking about why celebrities love Pilates.

From Lady Gaga to Jennifer Aniston to Madonna, a wide range of celebs incorporate Pilates into their fitness routine. The best way to explain why they love Pilates is to hear from the celebrities themselves:

“I’ve been doing it for 15 years and I think it strengthens from the inside. When your core is strong, everything else starts to lift up.” – Kate Hudson

“I live for Pilates reformer class. I go at least three times a week. It’s a great way to lengthen your muscles, stretch, and kind of relax your mind.” – Shawn Johnson, gymnast

“I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.” – Jennifer Aniston

“At-home Pilates is the best workout I’ve ever tried.” – Kristen Bell

“I was doing Pilates before people even knew how to spell Pilates… It pulls your shoulders back, tucks in your pelvis, makes you walk straighter, and gives you great posture.” – Vanessa Williams

“It’s a great way to exercise because you use so many muscles and get a really good workout. I use the machines, not mat Pilates, and it just works for me.” – Paris Hilton

“I was a fitness fiasco — until I found Pilates . . . It’s been the most gentle on my body… I’m longer and leaner and much more graceful. I can honestly say it’s changed my body — and my life.” – Chelsea Handler

“What do I like most about Pilates? The fact that I can really feel my body working. I might do 250 crunches but my body is so used to them that I don’t really feel them. With Pilates, I can really feel [my abdominals] even if I only do six or 12 repetitions.” – Joan Collins, who has been doing Pilates for over 30 years

“Pilates introduced me to muscles I never even knew I had. Soon I started to feel longer and leaner. Ten years of Pilates has really changed my body for the better.” – Lucy Liu

“I also discovered Pilates when I got pregnant, as people kept saying it’s a great way to stay in shape, and now I can’t get enough – it’s amazing. It helps with aches and pain and, even for non-pregnant people, it’s a great way of getting those lean muscles.” – Olivia Wilde

“I’m a huge Pilates fan. Pilates relies on isolated, controlled movement and has allowed me to build up my core and strengthen my legs and arms.” – Karlie Kloss, Victoria’s Secret model

Pilates “is such a great way to get in shape in a loving way. I feel like I’m both challenging myself and healing my body at the same time.” – Kerry Washington

By the way, we were happy to accommodate Kim Kardashian with our favorite mini reformer, the Pilates Power Gym. We can’t wait to hear her feedback!

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