Give the gift of health and fitness with a Pilates Power Gym reformer

Give the gift of health and fitness with a Pilates Power Gym reformer

For any gift-giving occasion throughout the year, why not give the gift of health and fitness? It’s the gift that keeps on giving – not just for a week or a year, but for a lifetime! Giving the gift of health and fitness, in the form of a Pilates Power Gym mini reformer, is one of the best presents you can give to a loved one, or even to yourself.

This machine helps you achieve your fitness goals as fast as you want since it allows you to work out in your own home at any time of day. And it’s so easy too! As celebrity Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee, says: “Who doesn’t want to work out lying down on their back?”


“Everyone’s interested in Pilates, but those big, huge Pilates reformers are quite cumbersome and hard to use,” Kristin continues. The Pilates Power Gym is “great for all levels, all heights, all shapes, all sizes.”


Men and women of all shapes can comfortably use the machine since the glideboard supports up to a 300-lb. weight capacity. Also, the height of the person is not an issue either.


For example, these photos show a man who is 6’4″ tall and can comfortably use the machine. The Foot Bar is in it’s second position, tilted back to give users an extra 5 inches.

Tall man at 6 feet 4 inches using the Pilates Power Gym reformer Man over 6 feet tall using Pilates Power Gym reformer

“You can come on to the Pilates Power Gym on your side, on your back, seated upright,” explains Kristin. “You have the resistance cords plus the elevation… when you combo all of that resistance with the height of the Pilates Power Gym, you get over 300 different exercises…It’s incredible.”

“I think one of the biggest challenges with workout out is finding the time, the space and just making it available,” says Kristin. “Once you have the Pilates Power Gym in your home, there’s no reason you can’t jump on it and get a great workout.”

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Add cardio to your workout on the Pilates Power Gym

Add cardio to your workout on the Pilates Power Gym

The Pilates Power Gym is not just about Pilates! This piece of exercise equipment can also be used for cardio workouts.

Fitness trainer Steve Maresca, who teaches three of our challenging cardio classes, strategically uses the Pilates Power Gym as an integral part of many aerobic-style exercises. He uses the glideboard on this mini Pilates reformer in ways you may have never dreamed of.


1) Foot work in our Kick butt class

In the following exercise, Maresca uses the glideboard as an elevated platform to do strength-building footwork.

2) Jumping with our Power Flex Cardio Rebounder

Alternating between high energy cardio and low impact Pilates, you’ll get an all-around workout centering around your multi-functional Pilates mini-reformer machine.

Celebrity Pilates trainer, Kristin McGee, takes you through a series of low-impact cardio moves in our Cardio Blast class utilizing our Power Flex Cardio Rebounder. Imagine lying down and still being able to run and jump!

The rebounder serves as a mini trampoline of sorts located on one end of your Pilates reformer. The rebounder attaches to the footbar enabling you to bounce on and off the canvas with your feet. The glideboard allows you to relax and lay comfortably while your legs and feet do all the work. This movement gives you a good cardio workout.

The rebounder provides a cushiony platform for your feet, knees and legs to rebound from. As a result, you will not wear out your joints or cause strain. The rebounder accessory provides a unique low-impact version of running or jumping when compared to doing these activities on a hard surface.


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3) Do push-ups with our Push-Up Bar

One key accessory that Maresca uses to help turn your Pilates Power Gym into a cardio machine is the Push-Up Bar. When you attach the Push-Up Bar to the footrest, you have created an additional piece of workout equipment.

As shown in the Kick Butt class, you can use the bar to do intense push-ups as well as dynamic footwork like the “mountain climber” exercise (see below).


Note: The Push-Up Bar is compatible with the Pilates Power Gym PRO only. Click here to order:

Check out our cardio workouts – Cardio Blast, Kick Butt, In The Gym and Sweat It Out – all available on

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Strength training exercises on the Pilates Power Gym

Strength training exercises on the Pilates Power Gym

We all know the Pilates Power Gym offers a multitude of Pilates exercises, but this unique piece of exercise equipment can also function as a complete home gym. A variety of strength training exercises are possible to perform on this mini reformer due to the adjustable resistance levels and elevation heights.


“I saw a limitation on the amount of tension that Pilates provides because it wouldn’t really also give a good strength-building workout,” explains Pilates Power Gym inventor Kevin Abelbeck. “Pilates equipment [reformer] is basically a platform that moves on a linear track. So what I had to do was to come up with a way to increase the tension other than just with the springs… I made an incline.”

As a result, both men and women can get an intense workout on this type of Pilates reformer with its multiple levels of height elevation. In addition, four different tension bands also increase the variation in strength-training and resistance available in your workout.

“The four bands are four different tensions, so you have the combination of these four which can be used for every exercise,” Abelbeck continues. “You have a great deal of variability in the amount of tension you can provide. The idea is that you can make it suitable for everybody.”


Here are some examples of the multiple strength training exercises you can do on the Pilates Power Gym:


1) Squats

Tighten up those leg, butt and thigh muscles with elevated squats. “The nice thing about these squats is that you don’t feel too much pressure on your knees,” explains Celebrity Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Kristin McGee.

2) High row

The high row exercise is great for building core strength and toning your arm muscles. Add our specially-designed “Wonderbox” to intensify and elevate your workout.

3) Side lying leg press

Work your hips and butt with the Side-lying Leg Press. “This is a really good area for us to tone and work on – we don’t work the lateral sides of our body enough,” says Kristin McGee.
With over 200,000 units sold worldwide, it’s easy to see why the Pilates Power Gym is so beloved by fitness enthusiasts. The machine incorporates the best of both fitness worlds, combining the targeted aspects of Pilates with strength training that appeals to both men and women. – T.Y.


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Get Bikini Ready with these targeted Pilates reformer exercises for your abs, arms and butt

Get Bikini Ready with these targeted Pilates reformer exercises for your abs, arms and butt

Why is Pilates the ideal exercise regimen for those who want beach-ready bodies? Because the famous method of contrology targets specific muscle groups. As a result, you work out smarter and in a shorter period of time. And using a Pilates reformer like the Pilates Power Gym takes your workout even further.


“The reformer adds extra resistance and can help strengthen and lengthen the muscles even further,” explains Celebrity Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee. “It also helps as a tactile aid so people know truly where they need to be working from. The reformer also offers more and different exercises so it adds variety and keeps our muscles guessing.”


To get your abs bikini-ready, our “Toned Abs” Pilates class focuses on all the muscles in your mid-section giving you sexy definition while building a strong core.


Tighten up your abs doing these leg kicks with instruction by Kristin McGee:
In our “Great Arms” class, Kristin leads you through a series of Pilates exercises to help give your arms the beautiful definition you want.


Get your arms in great shape with the “Hug A Tree” and “Serving the Bread” exercises:



Want a lifted, firmer butt? Our “Firm Butt and Legs” Pilates workout focuses on your legs, hips, and backside to help firm it all up.


For example, squats can be done using the multiple height elevations available on the Pilates Power Gym Pro or Plus models. You’ll be tightening up those leg, butt and thigh muscles which will cause heads to turn on the beach.
These three classes are all available on the same DVD, The Pilates Power Gym Total Body Workout, or also online via The Fitness Channel.
Get working on those Great Arms, Toned Abs, and Firm Butt and Legs today with the help of the Pilates Power Gym and you’ll quickly start to see results! – T.Y.

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Top 3 reasons to use a Pilates reformer vs. a mat

Top 3 reasons to use a Pilates reformer vs. a mat

Everyone’s doing Pilates these days as part of their fitness routine, but what is the best way to do Pilates? Should you practice Pilates on a mat or on a reformer?

We’ve got the answers for you! When compared to doing Pilates exercises on a mat, here are the top three advantages of using a Pilates Reformer:

1) Amount of exercises

The number of Pilates exercises you can do on a mat is much more limited when compared to the quantity available on a Pilates Reformer. Working out on a Pilates mat focuses mostly on your core, but on a reformer, you can work practically every part of your body.

“Mat work is a smaller part of the entire Pilates repertoire,” explains Pilates instructor Lisa Johnson.  “Using just your body and no props, there are about 50 or so exercises… There are over 250 moves you can do on a Pilates Reformer.”

The reformer also offers versatility enabling you to perform exercises in a plethora of different body positions including: on your back, side, stomach, seated forward or backward, and on your feet or knees.

2) Great for beginners and advanced

Do you have to start learning Pilates first on the mat before you move on to the reformer? Not at all!

Many trainers believe beginners to Pilates can absolutely start out on the reformer saying that “the reformer does facilitate a better initial understanding and connection with the powerhouse muscles,” when compared to mat work.

Also, since the reformer is low-impact on the joints and muscles, it is ideal for those going through physical therapy or rehabilitation.

The reformer “improves body alignment better than work on the mat; can elevate your mat workout to a new level (and increase muscle mass) by adding resistance with pulleys and springs; also adds more range of motion to help you get more results from each exercise.”

Advanced users can increase the intensity of their workouts with the multiple resistance settings and height elevations available on the reformer.

3) Move beyond Pilates to strength training and cardio

On a Pilates Reformer, like the Pilates Power Gym Pro, you can move beyond Pilates exercises and also do strength training and cardio.

“All of those straps, ropes and pulleys combine to provide resistance, build strength and flexibility and help align your body while doing Pilates,” says Celebrity Pilates Instructor, Kristin McGee.

With the use of the cardio rebounder attachment, you can also add an aerobic element to your Pilates workout while lying down.

Pilates reformers are now easily affordable and portable so that you can bring Pilates into the comfort of your own home. When you combine traditional strength training with the calming influence of Pilates movements on a reformer, you’ve got a winning combination. No need for a mat! A mini reformer allows you to customize the resistance and intensity to your fitness level for a more personalized workout. – T.Y.

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Online fitness classes offer big savings

Online fitness classes offer big savings

Everything seems to be digital these days – books, music, movies and now fitness workouts! Ever wondered what the advantages are of subscribing to an online fitness network for your latest exercise class compared to using those old, dusty DVDs?


Workouts offered in digital format enable users to access these classes wherever they are and whenever they want through their laptops, tablets and smartphones. As long as you have a WiFi internet connection, a fitness subscription network can provide fitness classes for you on demand, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home, at work on your lunch break, or visiting a friend’s house, you will always be able to access a fitness class without the hassle of searching for a DVD player to watch a DVD.


Online exercise classes can offer a huge savings to the customer. To show just how big a savings you can get, let’s take a look at a specific case study. The Fitness Channel currently offers 20 online classes for Pilates, aerobics and yoga at a subscription price of $4.95 per month. If you were to buy all 20 classes in the form of a DVD, your cost would be $399 total since each DVD retails for $19.95. That’s the equivalent of almost 7 years worth of The Fitness Channel monthly subscription for that price. As you can see, the savings are huge!


In the above example, we assumed that all 20 classes offered by The Fitness Channel were available on DVD to illustrate the value of an online subscription network. However, 7 of the classes are not available on DVD. Customers can only access these classes online. This illustrates the point that an online network can offer a larger variety of workouts since they do not have to spend the extra investment in producing a physical DVD. As an added bonus, one of the online classes offered by The Fitness Channel is free. Not many fitness companies are handing out free DVDs due to the price factor, but a free class online is much more doable.


How would it feel to lug around your portable DVD player every time you go outside? With an online fitness subscription, you could even participate in the class outside using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Also, on vacation you won’t have the excuse that you couldn’t play your fitness DVDs in the hotel room. Now, while on the road for vacation or work, you can access the classes anywhere you have access to a WiFi connection.


Still using those old workout DVDs from the ’90s because you don’t feel like spending money on new DVDs with the latest fitness trend? With an online fitness network, the classes can easily be kept up-to-date with the latest workout routines at no extra cost to you. It’s to the benefit of the online subscription service to keep adding new classes to their selection to attract new customers and keep their current ones happy. As a subscriber, you reap the rewards! – T.Y.

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