Tone your arms and get rid of arm flab with these powerful Pilates Power Gym exercises

Tone your arms and get rid of arm flab with these powerful Pilates Power Gym exercises

The great advantage Pilates students have when using a reformer is the ability to specifically target individual muscles on different parts of the body – like your biceps and triceps.

“The reformer can train many parts and dynamics of the body in so many different ways with just one relatively sleek piece of equipment,” explains Pilates instructor, Jean Chen Smith.

“The movements provide resistance and movement to help build strong bones and eccentric muscle contractions,” continues Smith. “This is when a muscle lengthens and resists a force, which leads to achieving the long, strong muscles without bulk that Pilates is known for.”

Here are four powerful and effective arm exercises to tone and strengthen your arms:

1) Serving the Bread

Work your arms and build core strength by “Serving the Bread” on the Pilates Power Gym

2) Tricep Overhead & Low/side Tricep Press
The Low Tricep Press and Overhead Tricep Press arm exercises help combat arm jiggle at the backs of the arms. Finally, a way to get rid of the flab!

3) Bicep Curls

Get ready for long and lean sculpted arm muscles that result from these controlled movements and the resistance levels available on the Pilates Power Gym


“The reformer offers all the usual benefits of Pilates, including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance,” concludes Smith. “These things lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement… The reformer is large enough to accommodate full-range motion, which is wonderful for increasing flexibility while building strength.” – T.Y.

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