Trade in your gym membership for this powerful strength training Pilates machine

Trade in your gym membership for this powerful strength training Pilates machine

The Pilates Power Gym serves as a great workout machine, not only for at-home Pilates routines, but also for strength training exercises. You no longer need to pay for that pricey gym membership or drag yourself out to the gym during inclement weather. This ingeniously-designed mini Pilates reformer offers all the benefits of a gym workout in the convenience of your own home.

“It does everything that you can do in the gym and more,” says fitness coach, Laura London. “I love Pilates, I love the gym and it combines in this one machine.”

The inventor of the Pilates Power Gym, Kevin Abelbeck, purposely set out to incorporate the best of both fitness worlds, combining the targeted aspects of Pilates with strength training that appeals to both men and women. A variety of strength training exercises are possible to perform on this mini reformer due to the adjustable resistance levels and elevation heights.

“The four bands are four different tensions, so you have the combination of these four which can be used for every exercise,” Abelbeck explains. “You have a great deal of variability in the amount of tension you can provide. The idea is that you can make it suitable for everybody.”

Building on the original model of the Pilates Power Gym, the Pro model offers 3 height variations, while the Plus model offers 15 different elevations. This versatility offers challenging workouts for beginners to the most advanced athletes. As a result, both men and women can get an intense workout.

“I’ve been loving this machine – not having to go to the gym, but doing all the things that I can do at the gym with it,” says fitness coach, Laura London. “There are four tension cords, so you can make the tension harder. And trust me, you get a kick butt workout!”

Below are just a sample of the great strength training exercises you can do on the Pilates Power Gym: The “Plank” works your abs, “Rowing” works you arms and your core, and the “Scooter” works your buttocks and hamstrings.


The Plank

Pilates plank exercise

Here are the instructions for The Plank:

1. Use any 2 power cords to begin with to see which tension you like best. It should be on the lighter side as a beginner.

2. Start by placing hands on the foot rest and your knees on the middle of the Glideboard with your head looking down on the Headrest. From here, push back on the Glideboard until legs are fully extended, knees are off the Glideboard and the balls of your feet pushing down until the plank position is achieved. Hold the plank position 30 to 60 seconds.

3. For a more advanced move, hold the plank position and move back and forth on the glideboard.


Work your abs doing the Plank exercise!

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Pilates Power Gym rowing exercise


Here are the instructions for the Rowing exercise:

1. Raise the slide board to a comfortable angle for yourself. Sit on the slide board with your face towards the headrest and bend your knees. Grip the handles at the front.

2. Draw your hands to your chest with the palms facing downwards in a rowing motion. Breathe in as you draw in your hands.

3. Breathe out as you straighten your arms again. Breathe in as you slowly return your arms to the starting position again.


Pilates Power Gym Scooter exercise

Here are the instructions for The Scooter:

1. Place your hands firmly on the Foot Rest Bar Assembly, shoulder-width apart, and carefully kneel on the Glideboard. Place the inside foot against the pulley arm on the same side with your knee still bent on the Glideboard.

2. Place your opposite foot flat on the floor close to the bar, knee bent and aligned over your ankle in a lunge position. Keep your arms and back straight, abs contracted and shoulders relaxed.

3. Maintain this position and press the Glideboard back using your buttocks muscles. Pause, then slowly return the Glideboard forward to the starting position. Complete all the reps on one side, then switch position and repeat with the other leg.

Do the Scooter!

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